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My Kopi O! - Living World Alam Sutra Visit 2 April 2011

They say the ACE Hardware in the recently opened Living World is the biggest in South East Asia, and indeed it is. With the combi of ACE and Informa side by side, no wonder IKEA is still absent here in Indonesia. And I have to say, the quality of products here is still up to par to IKEA's.

Though the mall is still 70% empty, there were quite a few places to consider for a quick light lunch. We decided on My Kopi O!, a typical 'kotipiamy' family restaurant. The owner, a Surabaya-based-Malang-Chinese fellow decided opened his/her first Jakarta shop here in Living World. The first was opened in Sutos Surabaya around 6 months ago.

There were 2 more similar restaurants like this one in the mall, KOPITIAM and The Old Town White Coffee. Comparing the 3, My Kopi O! seems to have more unique dishes and we're not disappointed at all.

The interior was very simple with not much accessories displayed. There were a few bottles with coffee beans displayed in the shelves and try to sit outside. There were quite a distance between each table so getting in and out of the table is no hustle.

OK, it was hot and the most tempting drink in the menu is any iced drink. But since my throat is still in war with the flame inside, I have to pass on the ice drink and decided on a warm one. We ordered Ice Milky Chocolate, Teh Tarik and Teh Tarik Halia. The ice milky chocolate, according to my mom, is very milo-ey and ovaltine-ney. Though it has a much stronger flavour and not as sweet as those 2. She loved it! Dad ordered warm Teh Tarik, and it's just ordinary. Mine is the obvious winner, Teh Tarik Halia. It's just like any teh tarik, but with a glitch of ginger. The taste of ginger is so apparent that the light-stinging taste stays for a while. It's accompanied by a piece grilled (or fried) bread and it taste better to soak the bread in the drink before consuming.

Moving on to food, we decided not to order too much as we had planned for a nice dinner that night. Something strikes my eyes in the menu, chocolate and kaya toasts. Too bad they ran out. What's the point of going to such restaurant if we don't order the toast? So we settle for the Traditional Toast. I asked the waitress and she said it's the next best thing after the choc and kaya version.

This version is just toasts with palm sugar spread. And I thought what the heck is palm sugar spread? Then it came, oh wow, the look itself is already so tempting, and when you take a bite, the over-flowing palm sugar spread just makes you want to have more. The grilled toasts is warm and soft, and sandwich-ed in between is this sensational sweet spread that will entice your sense of taste as well as your smell receptor.

The next dish we ordered was the Curry Fish with Rice. I actually can't understand why on earth did my dad ordered this, but how wrong must I be. It's quite a delightful dish. It's white fragrant rice with Indian curry splashed on top, then slices of deep-fried fish fillets and steamed broccoli. The curry itself is just OK, not too salty, not too spicy and quite light. But the fish is great. Lightly battered, then deep-fried slices of dory fish is the YUM. The crisps of the batter, the softness of the fish, and the overall texture is prefect. The fish instantly breaks off the first time you put it in your mouth - No biting necessary.

Then came my choice of order, Mamak Spaghetti. Just spaghetti stir-fried in mamak (Indian Muslim) style. The dish sounded weird, but surprisingly it's really good as well. Spag is boiled perfectly, and the sauce and other condiments in the dish is just well-accompanying each other. Taste-wise, not too salty, not too spicy, not too sour, it's just right. Then the beef is so tender. Usually in stir-fries, the meat is somehow over-cooked and become tough. This is a definite treat!

Restaurant info:
My Kopi-O! - Living World GF Unit-35 Alam Sutra
Telp: (021) 29239418

Prices as of 2 April 2011:
Ice Milky Chocolate - 24k
Teh Tarik - 18k
Teh tarik Halia - 20k
Traditional TOasts - 18k
Curry Fish with Rice - 26.8k
Mamak Spaghetti - 32.8k

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