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Sushi Mori - Central Park

My first Japanese review yeay!

But seriously, with so many new Japanese-fusion restaurant since 3 4 years ago, there's so many to choose from, and sadly, most of them taste the same to me. Can't really differentiate whose sushi is whose, most just try to make a little changes and try to be different. In the end, fusion is fusion, how much improvement and alteration can you do?

So while searching for a nice restaurant to spend a Friday evening with our alumni friends, I decided to try this new Japanese Fusion restaurant in Central Park - Sushi Mori. My bro recommended this place as he frequents the restaurant. A friend also recommended this as the price to portion ratio is worth a try.

Not much talking needed, I booked the restaurant early and heck the staffs called me twice to confirm. Well I don't blame them as there were quite a few people already queuing when I showed up. And just when I thought they were going to seat us in a stretched 2 by 2 tables, they gave us the VIP room! A rounded table exclusively placed separately with other tables. The only I could complain probably is the plastic chair. Hope they're sensitive enough to change them to wooden chairs with mats on top.

Looking at their table mats, there's a find-the-difference-puzzle you could try solving while waiting for the food to arrive.

What do you usually order in a Japanese fusion restaurant like this? I dare to bet 90% of you will order either cold or warm ocha. Shoot me if I'm wrong.

With so many types of fusion sushi being introduced by the waiter, I couldn't be bothered to focus on the name, but just see the menu picture and just point; this, that, this, that and this. Come on, people do get confused even when the food finally arrived and it's not easy to differentiate one sushi to the other. So to remember it, what I did was to ask the waiter when the food arrived, snap the food pictures, and snap the name of the food in the menu. This way, it gets less confusing. Though, in the end, taste wise, it's hard to remember which is which, and only some distinct one you could vividly remember in your brain.

Ninja Roll - Eel, Cheese, Crab Stick
Can't exactly remember how they taste, but it's one of the better sushi. Recommended! Combination of grilled eel and the spicy mayonnaise sauce is really good.

Hana Roll - Shrimp, Snow Crab, Tobiko, Spicy Tuna, Avocado
What a sushi! Thought it reminds me of the Korean Kimbab, the taste is heck different. Because there's so much stuffings in there, my tongue is not sensitive enough to differentiate each ingredients inside. The sushi is just so-so, but if you were still hungry and don't know what to order, give this a try.

Samurai Roll - Soft Shell Crab, Spicy Salmon
The warm spicy salmon on top is such a tease, and the crunchy soft shell crab just makes it even better. Recommended!

Volcano Roll - Shrimp, Fried batter, Jelly Fish
One of the reason I came to this place. This is exceptionally good, not because of the fried crunchy batter, but the overall texture. Volcano Roll in other sushi places is different to this one, so this is a unique one.

Kazan Roll - Ginger Rice, Salmon
The name and the ginger rice is actually my reason to order. Never tried ginger rice before, but disappointingly, it's just rice with ginger flavour. LOL. The rice is mixed with orange and green tobiko, then neatly stacked in two layers separated by a piece of nori, then topped with a few ingredients like salmon, jelly fish and more tobiko. Finally showered with a light mayo-like sauce. Despite the 'French-look', the taste just doesn't live up to its image.

Kawasaki Roll - Fried Chicken, Cheese
Very ordinary dish, the sauce is nice though. Mixture of sweet and a wee but spiciness. Too bad the cheese is not melted as I would prefer.

Yaki Sake
It's three grilled balls of shredded crab stick. Very interesting dish, and taste good. I can't say it's amazing, but it's different so, recommended!

Sake Enoki - Enoki circled in salmon
Usually, my one of my favourite dish in Sushi Tei is the Beef Enoki. But here, we have Sake Enoki, similar concept, but the beef is replaced by salmon. Taste just so-so, though the salmon cooked perfectly. And the portion is satisfying.

Yuki Kani Roll - Crab Stick, Egg, Tobiko
We ran out of ideas of what to order, and since we're still hungry, we just point to a page and there, we have the Yuki Kani Roll. A definite typical dish. Nothing special.

Spicy Tuna Roll - Spicy Tuna, Seaweed, Tobiko
Nothing to be described here. Just another ordinary dish. Though the sauce is slurpy.

Sake Teriyaki - Salmon Teriyaki Set
A pleasant dish, the salmon is grilled nicely, not too overdone. The skin is crispy and the inside meat is still moist. Not bad at all. The additional topping of sesame seed sprinkled makes it even better.

Sake no Hifu Roll - Salmon Skin, seaweed, Cucumber
This is one very nice sushi roll! It's my first time having salmon skin inside a roll, so it's quite special, and the very mild sauce making the salmon skin more tasty.

Oshin Roll - Fried Chicken, Apple
Another great roll. The crispy fried chicken just shows it's not over-sauced, though the apple slices is doubtly visible, you can really taste the crisp apple texture. With the combination of sweet sauce, making the dish even more delightful. Again, my only complain would be the unmelted chees on top.

Fujiyama Roll - Smoked Salmon, Crab Stick, Scallop
I was too full to try this one, but heck! The smoked salmon inside is great, but with the over-flowing sauce, and so much cheese, the taste is just too complicated to be described in details. Can't taste the much anticipated scallops.

Overall, there are some great sushi, as well as ordinary ones. Comparing the prices to other Sushi place, Sushi Nori might just sits comfortably in the middle.

Restaurant Info:
Sushi Nori
Lower Ground no 115
Central Park
Jl S.Parman Kav.28 - Jakarta Barat

Prices as of 22 April 2011
Samurai Roll - 60k
Ninja Roll - 60k
Kawasaki Roll - 60k
Volcano Roll - 50k
Hana Roll - 45k
Yaki Sake - 48k
kazan Roll - 40k
Sake Enoki - 55k
Yuki Kani Roll - 28k
Spicy Tuna Roll - 35k
Sake Teriyaki - 50k
Sake no Hifu Roll - 28k
Oshin Roll - 55k
Fujiyama Roll - 60k

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