Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crispy Crusty Potato Pancake - 10 April 2011

I was craving for some rosti lately (Thanks to someone posting up Marche's rosti), and since the Marche in Jakarta is not as good as the one in Singapore, I got to at least try to make them. Searching in Youtube for a rosti recipe, I came across a recipe for crusty potato pancake by Food Wishes, and looking how simple the technique and ingredients are, I thought I at least got to try this.

So this afternoon was just the perfect timing for the pancake. Please go to this site for the full recipe and how-to-make video: I altered the recipe a abit by adding some sausages and bacons. The main ingredients were prepared, and we have, potatoes, onions, egg, nurnberger sausage, bacons, and some green onions. Then for seasonings, we have salt, black pepper, Italian herbs, and paprika powder. I skipped the sour cream shown in Chef John's recipe.

Two things to keep in mind is to really really drain and squeeeeeeeeze the potatoes dry before adding the wet ingredients, and make sure to add it just before frying. Don't let it settle because it will turn watery and bye bye crispy crusty crunchy potato pancake.

So here's the end-results. Crispy Crusty Potato Pancake, accompanied by pork nurnberger sausages, topped with a spoonful of pan-fried diced bacon, and finished with a touch of spring onion for garnish.

What's better and more importantly healthy to go with this kind of dish? (No, I'm not paid by Three Leg Brand for helping them promote).

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