Thursday, April 28, 2011

Old Town White Coffee - Living World Alam Sutra

I've been to this new mall quite often this past weeks or so. Much of my mates have never been there and why shouldn't I be a nice fella once in a while and take them there. Anyhoo, quite a few restaurants start opening up in the mall, there's a penyet restaurant, HanGang, and a couple more coffee shops.

But out of all places, we decided on this Asian coffee shop franchise from Malaysia - Old Town White Coffee (OTWC). They claimed that they are the largest kopitiam restaurant chain in Malaysia, and looking at the list of chain on their website, no one can deny.

Since I've tried My Kopi O!, might as well just try its direct competitor (More kopitiam-like reviews in the future). So how does OTWC different to others? I don't know. I've tried the OTWC during my trip to KL last year, and whoa the menu is so thick you'll think twice about stealing them. :P I think there's tens of different drink menu and you'll probably keep asking the waiter what are the differences between each one.

But the one here in Jakarta, there isn't much choices in both the drinks and food. I like to have options, and I'm not getting any in here. I think if you would bring a foreign franchise here, at least have a more variety menu. My image of last year's OTWC visit starts drifting away.

Of course when you go to this type of restaurant, the first thing you need to order is their toasts! And this is what we ordered; 1. Their original Kaya Butter Toast and 2. Thick toast with blueberry jam. My original plan was to order their special white coffee, but since it's early afternoon and I don't feel like having coffee for lunch, we ordered Warm Honey Lemon Juice.

Though we ordered the toasts early, the orders came quite late and we were already eating half-thru our mains. Now I'm not going to compare whose toast is better than whose, I'll stay as neutral as possible. The first toast - Kata Butter Toast, was just OK. The kaya spread is nicely overflowing the toasts, and the butter is still in 1 piece, not melted. My one only complain would be the size of the toasts. It's so thin that I think the butter is thicker!

The second toast menu is a much better option than the kaya. And when I meant by thick toast, it's actually really really thick! And I'm loving every part of it. The fat bread is toasted, spread margarine, and topped with blueberry jam. What makes it special is the jam. I don't know if it's home or factory made, but it's just to my liking. Some blueberry jam just can't make it because if they kept it for too long, the fruit's gonna break apart. Not this one, it's fresh and you can practically chew every piece blueberry and still juices oozing out from them.

Each of us ordered a main each. My friend ordered the Superior Nasi Lemak, and I ordered the Superior Rojak Mee. Both dished turned out to be average.

There was a confusion when one waiter brought a plate of unknown order and left it on our table for 5 minutes and later brought it back to the kitchen. Turns out they gave a wrong chicken to us. They suppose to give a piece of Rendang chicken in the dish, but they served the BBQ chicken. To me this is quite unprofessional considering they left the food in the table for 5 minutes. What if we already start eating them? Not even a sincere apology being offered. Tsk!

I have to say, the rice is fragrant. It's been a while since the last time I ate nasi lemak, and this one turns out to be quite nice indeed, though not as good as those in Singapore or Malaysia. The rice is accompanied by a piece of rendang chicken, sambal sotong, fried anchovies, nuts, and egg. All not worth talking about. Except the sambal sotong which I think was a little bit chewy.

The Rojak Mee, which I thought should come close to the original Malaysian dish, turns out to be very home-made, not very "restauran-y". The dish is served with egg noodles in the center, surrounded by pieces of fried tofu, sambal sotong, fried potatoes, bean sprout, and egg. Then topped with fried shallots and sprinkled some curry sauce. Tofu was over-fried, sotong was chewy, and the curry sauce is just bland.

Hopefully they could improve on their service, as well as the non-toasts meals and food varieties.

Restaurant info:
Old Town White Coffee
Living World Mall - Alam Sutra
Unit G19 - 19A, Alam Sutra Boulevard Kav.21
Serpong - Tangerang

Ph: 021 - 532125502

Prices as of 24 April 2011
Honey Lemon Juice - 17k
Kaya Butter Toast (S) - 9k
Blueberry thick - 20k
Supreme Nasi Lemak - 38k
Supreme Rojak Mee - 30k

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sushi Mori - Central Park

My first Japanese review yeay!

But seriously, with so many new Japanese-fusion restaurant since 3 4 years ago, there's so many to choose from, and sadly, most of them taste the same to me. Can't really differentiate whose sushi is whose, most just try to make a little changes and try to be different. In the end, fusion is fusion, how much improvement and alteration can you do?

So while searching for a nice restaurant to spend a Friday evening with our alumni friends, I decided to try this new Japanese Fusion restaurant in Central Park - Sushi Mori. My bro recommended this place as he frequents the restaurant. A friend also recommended this as the price to portion ratio is worth a try.

Not much talking needed, I booked the restaurant early and heck the staffs called me twice to confirm. Well I don't blame them as there were quite a few people already queuing when I showed up. And just when I thought they were going to seat us in a stretched 2 by 2 tables, they gave us the VIP room! A rounded table exclusively placed separately with other tables. The only I could complain probably is the plastic chair. Hope they're sensitive enough to change them to wooden chairs with mats on top.

Looking at their table mats, there's a find-the-difference-puzzle you could try solving while waiting for the food to arrive.

What do you usually order in a Japanese fusion restaurant like this? I dare to bet 90% of you will order either cold or warm ocha. Shoot me if I'm wrong.

With so many types of fusion sushi being introduced by the waiter, I couldn't be bothered to focus on the name, but just see the menu picture and just point; this, that, this, that and this. Come on, people do get confused even when the food finally arrived and it's not easy to differentiate one sushi to the other. So to remember it, what I did was to ask the waiter when the food arrived, snap the food pictures, and snap the name of the food in the menu. This way, it gets less confusing. Though, in the end, taste wise, it's hard to remember which is which, and only some distinct one you could vividly remember in your brain.

Ninja Roll - Eel, Cheese, Crab Stick
Can't exactly remember how they taste, but it's one of the better sushi. Recommended! Combination of grilled eel and the spicy mayonnaise sauce is really good.

Hana Roll - Shrimp, Snow Crab, Tobiko, Spicy Tuna, Avocado
What a sushi! Thought it reminds me of the Korean Kimbab, the taste is heck different. Because there's so much stuffings in there, my tongue is not sensitive enough to differentiate each ingredients inside. The sushi is just so-so, but if you were still hungry and don't know what to order, give this a try.

Samurai Roll - Soft Shell Crab, Spicy Salmon
The warm spicy salmon on top is such a tease, and the crunchy soft shell crab just makes it even better. Recommended!

Volcano Roll - Shrimp, Fried batter, Jelly Fish
One of the reason I came to this place. This is exceptionally good, not because of the fried crunchy batter, but the overall texture. Volcano Roll in other sushi places is different to this one, so this is a unique one.

Kazan Roll - Ginger Rice, Salmon
The name and the ginger rice is actually my reason to order. Never tried ginger rice before, but disappointingly, it's just rice with ginger flavour. LOL. The rice is mixed with orange and green tobiko, then neatly stacked in two layers separated by a piece of nori, then topped with a few ingredients like salmon, jelly fish and more tobiko. Finally showered with a light mayo-like sauce. Despite the 'French-look', the taste just doesn't live up to its image.

Kawasaki Roll - Fried Chicken, Cheese
Very ordinary dish, the sauce is nice though. Mixture of sweet and a wee but spiciness. Too bad the cheese is not melted as I would prefer.

Yaki Sake
It's three grilled balls of shredded crab stick. Very interesting dish, and taste good. I can't say it's amazing, but it's different so, recommended!

Sake Enoki - Enoki circled in salmon
Usually, my one of my favourite dish in Sushi Tei is the Beef Enoki. But here, we have Sake Enoki, similar concept, but the beef is replaced by salmon. Taste just so-so, though the salmon cooked perfectly. And the portion is satisfying.

Yuki Kani Roll - Crab Stick, Egg, Tobiko
We ran out of ideas of what to order, and since we're still hungry, we just point to a page and there, we have the Yuki Kani Roll. A definite typical dish. Nothing special.

Spicy Tuna Roll - Spicy Tuna, Seaweed, Tobiko
Nothing to be described here. Just another ordinary dish. Though the sauce is slurpy.

Sake Teriyaki - Salmon Teriyaki Set
A pleasant dish, the salmon is grilled nicely, not too overdone. The skin is crispy and the inside meat is still moist. Not bad at all. The additional topping of sesame seed sprinkled makes it even better.

Sake no Hifu Roll - Salmon Skin, seaweed, Cucumber
This is one very nice sushi roll! It's my first time having salmon skin inside a roll, so it's quite special, and the very mild sauce making the salmon skin more tasty.

Oshin Roll - Fried Chicken, Apple
Another great roll. The crispy fried chicken just shows it's not over-sauced, though the apple slices is doubtly visible, you can really taste the crisp apple texture. With the combination of sweet sauce, making the dish even more delightful. Again, my only complain would be the unmelted chees on top.

Fujiyama Roll - Smoked Salmon, Crab Stick, Scallop
I was too full to try this one, but heck! The smoked salmon inside is great, but with the over-flowing sauce, and so much cheese, the taste is just too complicated to be described in details. Can't taste the much anticipated scallops.

Overall, there are some great sushi, as well as ordinary ones. Comparing the prices to other Sushi place, Sushi Nori might just sits comfortably in the middle.

Restaurant Info:
Sushi Nori
Lower Ground no 115
Central Park
Jl S.Parman Kav.28 - Jakarta Barat

Prices as of 22 April 2011
Samurai Roll - 60k
Ninja Roll - 60k
Kawasaki Roll - 60k
Volcano Roll - 50k
Hana Roll - 45k
Yaki Sake - 48k
kazan Roll - 40k
Sake Enoki - 55k
Yuki Kani Roll - 28k
Spicy Tuna Roll - 35k
Sake Teriyaki - 50k
Sake no Hifu Roll - 28k
Oshin Roll - 55k
Fujiyama Roll - 60k

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio - 17 April 2011

Sunday afternoon, waiting for the evening to come, how could I ever let the afternoon pass just lazying around in front of the computer watching some Korean variety shows? Then my growling baby stomach started complaining, it's time for some light lunch. Ransacking through the refrigerator, not much ingredients to make something worth eating. Then after 10 minutes of looking though the cupboard, I finally found the perfect meal for a Sunday brunch - Spaghetti Aglio e Olio.

Probably the simplest and quickest out of all the pasta recipes (Bolognaise Sauce in tin can is NOT counted), Spaghetti Aglio e Olio is a must-try even for a newbie. Though this would my first attempt to make my own, a friend cooked and taught me once. A shout to NENEK RATNA!

Now, let's go to the ingredients;
2 cloves garlic
2 cloves shallot (READ: Bawang Merah)
2 tablespoon of olive oil (I used Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
A spoonful of diced bacon
Half a teaspoon of dried chilly flake
A pinch of mixed Italian herbs

Shall we start with the cooking process?
1. Cook the spaghetti half-way through (You wouldn't want to cook it too well-done, since we're going to stir-fry the pasta later on)

2. Thinly Slice the garlic and shallots (Please do not mince them), then stir fried them in medium to low heat olive oil until the fragrance came out. Then dump in the italian herbs, chilly flake, and the bacon. (I put the bacon last because I didn't want crispy bacon)

3. Once all the ingredients are cooked, throw in the half-cooked pasta in the sauce and stir-fried until the pasta is cooked through. I prefer mine to be 90% cooked, so it might take around 2 minutes or so.

4. Serve on a plate and garnish with a wee bit of dried herbs on top.

Originally, the recipe needs cheese, but I'd skip that sin part. Also, many recipes on the net doesn't use shallots, but my mentor NENEK RATNA mentioned it brings the extra aroma and flavour to the overall dish. Very true.

A really simple pasta recipe, perfect for those who are too lazy to go out, but too hungry to have home-delivered food.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

B' Steak Grill & Pancake - Muara Karang

This was my third visit to this restaurant branch in Muara Karang, and I have never been disappointed by the quality of food as well as the service. I knew what was good, but what's the point of ordering something you've eaten before? So this time rather than ordering my usual favourite, I opted for something a different.

I wanted to drink something less sinful, so we ordered the Evergreen. Basically just blended vegetable, with a bit of lime and some other vege. Not my fav, but just a typical blended vege drink.

Since we had a late lunch, the three of us decided not to order much. For starters, I tried their Grilled Honey Buffalo BBQ Wings once and it's not bad, but it's time to order something else, so we ordered Country Baby Potatoes and the Chef Special Salad. The Baby potatoes are grilled with some herbs, then topped with some tomato sauce (NOT tomato ketchup), some bacon and sour cream. You can really taste the crisp skin of the potato when you first bite, then the inside is soft and the most enticing is the aroma of the herbs smoking through your nostrils. It's a good choice nonetheless. The salad, named "chef special salad", was just ordinary. You don't need to be a chef to make this, not that I'm looking down on the dish nor the chef, but it's really average. The vegetable ingredients are fresh, but they do need to work on the grilled chicken.

Now, meat time! First is the Rib Eye Steak. It's the second time I tried this, and it keeps getting better. I remembered the first time was a little bit overdone, this time we requested medium well and the chef was spot on. You can choose the sauce from a few options; wild mushroom sauce, BBQ sauce, black pepper sauce, traditional gravy and another one I can't remember. And the side dish, the options were; chips, baby potatoes, mashed potatoes and potato wedges. Then we chose the premium size (200gr), rather than the regular (150gr).

Anyway, The outside is charred just the way I like it and you can really smell the burnt mark, then the meat is tender when chewed, just simply nicely grilled. The mushroom sauce, is just not that great. Without the sauce, the steak is already tasty enough. Since we already ordered the baby potatoes, we chose the mashed potato, which I think was a wise choice, considering no more fried stuffs for dinner for the week, and it tasted much better than the oh-so-usual-fries. The texture is not too creamy nor buttery, seasonings were nice, everything is just what I expect mashed potato should be.

Lastly, we ordered the Smoky BBQ Ribs. I knew I had to try this once, just to satisfy the curiosity inside. How is it better than the other ribs houses, and it turns out to OK. For safety sake, we chose the single stack ribs. It takes half an hour to serve after the entree were served, and the ribs was too oily. Not oily in terms of they put lots of oil during grilling, but the ribs meat contains lots of fats. A dieter's hostile enemy. Though I have to admit, the ribs is very tender, you just have to pierce the meat with a fork, and it's easily fallen off it bone. Taste-wise, you got to add the BBQ sauce for extra flavour.

I heard their pancakes are not bad, but we're too full for desserts, so maybe next time.

Overall, it's nice place if you have a steak craving, but not wanting to over-spend. For taste it's alright, though not as good as those high-end steak houses, price still talks.

Restaurant Info:

B'Steak Grill and Pancake

Greenville Blok AS No. 32
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
Tel: 021 - 560-3968

Muara Karang Raya no.42
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
Tel: 021 - 6603045

Prices as of 2 April 2011

Evergreen - 15k
Country Baby Potatoes - 17.5k
Chef Special Salad - 19.5k
Rib Eye Steak Premium - 64k
Smoky BBQ Ribs - 50.5k

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crispy Crusty Potato Pancake - 10 April 2011

I was craving for some rosti lately (Thanks to someone posting up Marche's rosti), and since the Marche in Jakarta is not as good as the one in Singapore, I got to at least try to make them. Searching in Youtube for a rosti recipe, I came across a recipe for crusty potato pancake by Food Wishes, and looking how simple the technique and ingredients are, I thought I at least got to try this.

So this afternoon was just the perfect timing for the pancake. Please go to this site for the full recipe and how-to-make video: I altered the recipe a abit by adding some sausages and bacons. The main ingredients were prepared, and we have, potatoes, onions, egg, nurnberger sausage, bacons, and some green onions. Then for seasonings, we have salt, black pepper, Italian herbs, and paprika powder. I skipped the sour cream shown in Chef John's recipe.

Two things to keep in mind is to really really drain and squeeeeeeeeze the potatoes dry before adding the wet ingredients, and make sure to add it just before frying. Don't let it settle because it will turn watery and bye bye crispy crusty crunchy potato pancake.

So here's the end-results. Crispy Crusty Potato Pancake, accompanied by pork nurnberger sausages, topped with a spoonful of pan-fried diced bacon, and finished with a touch of spring onion for garnish.

What's better and more importantly healthy to go with this kind of dish? (No, I'm not paid by Three Leg Brand for helping them promote).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

May Star - Central Park

Choosing this restaurant for a meeting with a friend whom I've not met since a couple of years ago was the easiest task I could ever remember. Not really foreign to a lot of the Chinese-Jakartans, May Star definitely has become one of the top-rated restaurants well-known for its BBQ duck, DimSum, and of course its Coconut Pudding. The restaurant chain is rumoured to have been established by a group of people of the Fujian-ethnicity. (READ: Orang Medan)

Probably the best location for the owners to decide to open their chain is this one in Central Park. Location-wise, it's quite 'central' Jakarta, though its location is really the North. Since Central Park is quite a new mall, to have at least May Star as one of its tenant is precious, as it's never run out of patrons, even on a weekday. Though there were many other High-end Chinese restaurant in the mall, May Star is a definite winner. The most recent chain is the one in Gandaria City and I heard is catered for non-pork eaters. A very good strategy considering more and more non-pork eaters are starting to dine in Chinese restaurants.

Prior to have booked the restaurant that afternoon, there is no wasting time in queuing. To have to say "excuse me" to all the people swarming the restaurant entrance is a sign of achievement, with just a phone call. A friend overheard another guest asking the manager when will they get a table for four, the manager just shook her head. So, please do book the restaurant (even on weekdays) before your grandma kicks you in the butt for making her queue.

A friend once gave me tips on what to order and what not. The first one he said was if you don't come with your parents / elderly, don't order fish and other luxurious Chinese delicacy (Sharks Fin Soup, Sea Cucumber, Lobsters, etc). Even your credit card will scream its lungs out. But even without ordering those, May Star is May Star and it is indeed expensive. The seven of us didn't bother to check out the prices before ordering, let's conclude it's a lesson learnt. (The menu pictures are just so tempting)

So each of us ordered a dish, and we concluded to exclude those dishes listed above. The first dish is the BBQ Combination. Perhaps, most families who came in numbers order this one. It's a combination of 5 mini dishes, BBQ Pork, BBQ Duck, Chicken in soy sauce, Stewed beef and jellyfish. All of them taste average, especially the beef and chicken. And there were 3 types of sauces served; Soy sauce, Chilly sauce and a type I don't know what sauce. They should have served the typical Hongkie sauces; Chilly oil, Duck Sauce, and Plum Sauce.

Then we ordered the Prawn in Salted Egg. I didn't like it that much. First it's still shelled and the salted is covering the prawn shell, so there isn't much salted egg after de-shelling the prawns. Nobody can blame me for eating the whole prawn, with its shell, minus the head and tail. The worse thing about this is actually it's quite greasy and you can't enjoy the crisp of fresh prawn meat.

Next is another seafood, Deep fried Squid XO Style. It's very appetizing! Just a few years ago I realized XO sauce doesn't involve the XO liquor as I thought before. Check this out: It's just based on naming method. The squid is fried perfectly, doesn't get rubbery as it just snaps when bitten. Then the dry XO aroma is just so pleasantly flirting with your sense of smell.

Time for a meat dish, we ordered the ever-famous Beef in Black Pepper Sauce. It's served with blanched Kailan and a piece of fried papadum. I still have no idea on why they served a papadum, but who cares, the overall dish is without doubt, a winner. Starting with the chunks of beef, cooked to an inch perfect, they just breaks off in your mouth when chewed and the strong black pepper sauce seems to have penetrated to the core. Amazing! Though the Kailan is just average, I think this dish is a must-order.

Then we ordered the Imported Broccoli. Again this is very ordinary, even homey I'd say. It's probably blanched for a while then showered with some oyster-sauce.

Lastly, a friend recommended this Sapo Tofu. It's a dish where the tofu is weirdly stewed in some thick sauce but taste surprisingly quite nice. The thick sauce taste very light and the additional mushroom matches the whole dish.

So one thing that makes people keep coming back to May Star is probably the complementary whole BBQ Duck when the order is more then Rp500k (or Panin Bank CC holder -> 25 - 30% discount). And we did forget the duck almost until the end. Honestly this is not the first time I had the duck, but the quality seems to have dropped by a little wee bit. The duck skin is still crisps, but the meat is not as tender as it was 2 years ago, and it's becoming more salty lately.

Just when you think it's over, a trip to May Star is never complete without the Coconut Pudding. The pioneer of this dessert, there are many restaurants trying to imitate, but haven't so far found any that can match this masterpiece. The pudding is made from imported Thai coconut, and the sweetness and the jelly-like texture is just perfectly harmonized. A Thai friend whom had tried the pudding even praised it's better than the one in Thailand, he even went for a second serving.

Though I did complained about the prices in the beginning, and some people argue that there are other restaurants offering similar dishes at more affordable prices, May Star somehow managed to pull back customers with new creative dishes and more promotions (The most recent one is winning a car).

Restaurant Info:
Jl Mangga Dua Raya
Phone: +62 21 6127880

Emporium Pluit Mall Lt.4
Jl Pluit Selatan Raya
Phone: +62 21 66676280

Central park mall LG Floor NO. 103-103A
Jl. Letjend S Parman Kav.28
Phone: +62 21 56985422

Gandaria City GF-Main Street NO.M-G38 & M-G39
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda (Arteri Pondok Indah)
Gandaria - Kebayoran Lama
Phone : +62 21 29052922

Prices as of 5 February 2011 in Central Park:

BBQ Combination - Rp148k
Prawn in Salted Egg - Rp144k
Fried Squid XO Style - Rp87k
Beef in Black Pepper Sauce - Rp192k
Broccoli - Rp87k
Sapo Tofu - Rp78k
BBQ Duck - Rp100 (Promo)
Coconut Pudding - Rp42.8k

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Kopi O! - Living World Alam Sutra Visit 2 April 2011

They say the ACE Hardware in the recently opened Living World is the biggest in South East Asia, and indeed it is. With the combi of ACE and Informa side by side, no wonder IKEA is still absent here in Indonesia. And I have to say, the quality of products here is still up to par to IKEA's.

Though the mall is still 70% empty, there were quite a few places to consider for a quick light lunch. We decided on My Kopi O!, a typical 'kotipiamy' family restaurant. The owner, a Surabaya-based-Malang-Chinese fellow decided opened his/her first Jakarta shop here in Living World. The first was opened in Sutos Surabaya around 6 months ago.

There were 2 more similar restaurants like this one in the mall, KOPITIAM and The Old Town White Coffee. Comparing the 3, My Kopi O! seems to have more unique dishes and we're not disappointed at all.

The interior was very simple with not much accessories displayed. There were a few bottles with coffee beans displayed in the shelves and try to sit outside. There were quite a distance between each table so getting in and out of the table is no hustle.

OK, it was hot and the most tempting drink in the menu is any iced drink. But since my throat is still in war with the flame inside, I have to pass on the ice drink and decided on a warm one. We ordered Ice Milky Chocolate, Teh Tarik and Teh Tarik Halia. The ice milky chocolate, according to my mom, is very milo-ey and ovaltine-ney. Though it has a much stronger flavour and not as sweet as those 2. She loved it! Dad ordered warm Teh Tarik, and it's just ordinary. Mine is the obvious winner, Teh Tarik Halia. It's just like any teh tarik, but with a glitch of ginger. The taste of ginger is so apparent that the light-stinging taste stays for a while. It's accompanied by a piece grilled (or fried) bread and it taste better to soak the bread in the drink before consuming.

Moving on to food, we decided not to order too much as we had planned for a nice dinner that night. Something strikes my eyes in the menu, chocolate and kaya toasts. Too bad they ran out. What's the point of going to such restaurant if we don't order the toast? So we settle for the Traditional Toast. I asked the waitress and she said it's the next best thing after the choc and kaya version.

This version is just toasts with palm sugar spread. And I thought what the heck is palm sugar spread? Then it came, oh wow, the look itself is already so tempting, and when you take a bite, the over-flowing palm sugar spread just makes you want to have more. The grilled toasts is warm and soft, and sandwich-ed in between is this sensational sweet spread that will entice your sense of taste as well as your smell receptor.

The next dish we ordered was the Curry Fish with Rice. I actually can't understand why on earth did my dad ordered this, but how wrong must I be. It's quite a delightful dish. It's white fragrant rice with Indian curry splashed on top, then slices of deep-fried fish fillets and steamed broccoli. The curry itself is just OK, not too salty, not too spicy and quite light. But the fish is great. Lightly battered, then deep-fried slices of dory fish is the YUM. The crisps of the batter, the softness of the fish, and the overall texture is prefect. The fish instantly breaks off the first time you put it in your mouth - No biting necessary.

Then came my choice of order, Mamak Spaghetti. Just spaghetti stir-fried in mamak (Indian Muslim) style. The dish sounded weird, but surprisingly it's really good as well. Spag is boiled perfectly, and the sauce and other condiments in the dish is just well-accompanying each other. Taste-wise, not too salty, not too spicy, not too sour, it's just right. Then the beef is so tender. Usually in stir-fries, the meat is somehow over-cooked and become tough. This is a definite treat!

Restaurant info:
My Kopi-O! - Living World GF Unit-35 Alam Sutra
Telp: (021) 29239418

Prices as of 2 April 2011:
Ice Milky Chocolate - 24k
Teh Tarik - 18k
Teh tarik Halia - 20k
Traditional TOasts - 18k
Curry Fish with Rice - 26.8k
Mamak Spaghetti - 32.8k