Wednesday, April 13, 2011

B' Steak Grill & Pancake - Muara Karang

This was my third visit to this restaurant branch in Muara Karang, and I have never been disappointed by the quality of food as well as the service. I knew what was good, but what's the point of ordering something you've eaten before? So this time rather than ordering my usual favourite, I opted for something a different.

I wanted to drink something less sinful, so we ordered the Evergreen. Basically just blended vegetable, with a bit of lime and some other vege. Not my fav, but just a typical blended vege drink.

Since we had a late lunch, the three of us decided not to order much. For starters, I tried their Grilled Honey Buffalo BBQ Wings once and it's not bad, but it's time to order something else, so we ordered Country Baby Potatoes and the Chef Special Salad. The Baby potatoes are grilled with some herbs, then topped with some tomato sauce (NOT tomato ketchup), some bacon and sour cream. You can really taste the crisp skin of the potato when you first bite, then the inside is soft and the most enticing is the aroma of the herbs smoking through your nostrils. It's a good choice nonetheless. The salad, named "chef special salad", was just ordinary. You don't need to be a chef to make this, not that I'm looking down on the dish nor the chef, but it's really average. The vegetable ingredients are fresh, but they do need to work on the grilled chicken.

Now, meat time! First is the Rib Eye Steak. It's the second time I tried this, and it keeps getting better. I remembered the first time was a little bit overdone, this time we requested medium well and the chef was spot on. You can choose the sauce from a few options; wild mushroom sauce, BBQ sauce, black pepper sauce, traditional gravy and another one I can't remember. And the side dish, the options were; chips, baby potatoes, mashed potatoes and potato wedges. Then we chose the premium size (200gr), rather than the regular (150gr).

Anyway, The outside is charred just the way I like it and you can really smell the burnt mark, then the meat is tender when chewed, just simply nicely grilled. The mushroom sauce, is just not that great. Without the sauce, the steak is already tasty enough. Since we already ordered the baby potatoes, we chose the mashed potato, which I think was a wise choice, considering no more fried stuffs for dinner for the week, and it tasted much better than the oh-so-usual-fries. The texture is not too creamy nor buttery, seasonings were nice, everything is just what I expect mashed potato should be.

Lastly, we ordered the Smoky BBQ Ribs. I knew I had to try this once, just to satisfy the curiosity inside. How is it better than the other ribs houses, and it turns out to OK. For safety sake, we chose the single stack ribs. It takes half an hour to serve after the entree were served, and the ribs was too oily. Not oily in terms of they put lots of oil during grilling, but the ribs meat contains lots of fats. A dieter's hostile enemy. Though I have to admit, the ribs is very tender, you just have to pierce the meat with a fork, and it's easily fallen off it bone. Taste-wise, you got to add the BBQ sauce for extra flavour.

I heard their pancakes are not bad, but we're too full for desserts, so maybe next time.

Overall, it's nice place if you have a steak craving, but not wanting to over-spend. For taste it's alright, though not as good as those high-end steak houses, price still talks.

Restaurant Info:

B'Steak Grill and Pancake

Greenville Blok AS No. 32
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
Tel: 021 - 560-3968

Muara Karang Raya no.42
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
Tel: 021 - 6603045

Prices as of 2 April 2011

Evergreen - 15k
Country Baby Potatoes - 17.5k
Chef Special Salad - 19.5k
Rib Eye Steak Premium - 64k
Smoky BBQ Ribs - 50.5k

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