Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lau's Kopitiam - Emporium Pluit

One lonely lonely Saturday afternoon, nothing to do, no one asked me out, asked no one out, and there we have, sitting down alone in a four-chaired-table, among other couples, families, staring at me (and probably gossiping) for taking snaps at food. Anyway, Liu's kopitiam is well-known for YaKunKaya-kindoff-toast. Of course, being a fool sometimes, I got to try other things.

For a hot Saturday afternoon, what's better than chilled ice-milk-tea with jelly (Actually there are better drinks than this). It was very diluted, but sweet, not much tea flavour. And the jelly's too soft.

For entree, I tried the Fried shrimp-roll (READ: Lumpia goreng). Honestly, it's not bad at all. The chilly sauce accompanying is a must. The skin is crispy, not too oily, and you can taste the shrimp meat. And there isn't any fishy smell like the other shrimp rolls in cheap restaurants. In the picture below, the shrimp-roll seems to be neatly arranged, it was not like that initially! I got to arrange them nicely so it will look at least presentable in the blog. Of course it was followed by stares from aunts and uncles in front.

The waitress recommended the fried flat rice noodle with beef (READ:Kwetiaw Goreng Sapi). Seriously, I had considered asking for a refund after being served this kind of flat rice noodle. It was really bad. Considering they had printed the picture in the menu, they had to at least know how to cook properly. First, it was tasteless, not even a bit of saltiness. Then the rice noodle is so so soft (in a negative way). I expected the chef's trying to save his own arse by putting more flavour in the dish after messing up in boiling the noodle, but it was really bad. Then the beef was chewy. Yes, it's chewy, obviously from being over-cooked. In a usual Chinese dish, the beef is usually deep fried, then added to the half-cooked dish, but it's unlikely like this in here. The small portion is next. I know it's not expensive and all, but the serving is a real shame.

Restaurant Info:
Lau's Kopitiam - Emporium Pluit Mall Lv.4 - 07

Prices as of 12 FEb 2011
Ice Milk Tea with Jelly - 12k
Fried Shrimp Roll - 14k
Fried Flat Noodle with Beef - 20k

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